Alaska Smart LED Model LM1

The Ultra-HD Series is the best resolution available for the price. Typical LED signs sometimes sold by our competitors are 20mm , 26mm, 30mm and higher pitches, and as you may already know, the higher the number, the less the LEDs per sq. foot and the less the resolution. The lower the pitch number, the better the image quality. Smart LED’s Ultra HD 10 Series is the best bang for the buck, image quality to price, and the U-HD 10P Series displays faces, car details, and other fine details professionally in sizes as small as 3x5 and as big as 10x20.

Alaska Smart LED HD 16mm

The HD 16p/16mm Series is the de-facto standard for Smart LED® Panel Products. Ultra bright, robust, with intense colors and superb clarity, the HD 16P Series is the workhorse of our LED Signs, and it blows away the competitions panels in both overall brightness, color range, and durability. From sizes ranging from 4x8 all the way to our small billboard 10x20 and Bulletin 16x48, the HD16 series is sure to be a best performer, both for your advertising ideas, and for your advertising budget.

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Alaska Smart HD-LED Billboards

Smart LED’s HD-BILLBOARD Line of products encompasses HD 16mm& UHD 10mm, but with a different construction that uses die-cast aluminum parts and an astoundingly light-weight for installation :5lbs for each 12.5” x 12.5” LED panel. LED Billboard project Saves 35%-39% of Input Power Use, reducing the billboards operating cost